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The Electron Neutrino

Symbol: νe
Group: fermion, lepton, neutrino
Rest mass: > 0; < 2.36 x 10-9 u
Charge: 0
Mean lifetime: stable
Spin: 1/2
Generation: 1
The electron neutrino is a very light particle, which hardly interacts with other matter and moves with almost the speed of light. If neutrinos are mentioned, in most cases the electron neutrino is meant. Most electron neutrinos, which hit Earth, pass through it unopposed. These particles are emitted in huge amounts in fusion reactions, like in the core of the Sun. On Earth, they sometimes can be detected in large, underground water tanks, where every other radiation is blocked. About 50 trillion neutrinos pass the human body every second without leaving traces. Neutrinos are important for stars, as they take energy out of their cores and so cool them down.



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